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What's Product configurators

Automate the process, speed up the quote timeline and get the item into production.

Highly customisable software solutions allow companies to interactively define all variants of a given product. They can include 3D visualisations, drawings, order forms, management sheets and many other documents. These tools are particularly suitable for applications where dimensions, production material and other features change significantly depending on order details.

Product configurator system steps

A meticulous and precise process to guarantee the best quality to our customers.

Product configurators steps

Step 1: Study of needs

Study of the client's needs and adjust the necessary Product Configurators modules to meet the client's needs.

Product configurators steps

Step 2: Study of current configurator

Study of the current configuration systems a the client and planning to detail the migration process from the old system to Product Configurator.

Product configurators steps

Step 3: Implementation of the Configurator

Implementation and carry out a period of pilot tests to validate the operation of Product Configurators with the data migrated from the previous Product Configurators.

Product configurators steps

Step 4: Initial boot

End the implementation on all client computers and start the maintenance period.

Product configurators case studies

Users who have trusted our Suite Product configurators attest to its usefulness.

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