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The modular and customisable system that can be adjusted to the needs of each centre.

We are specialists with years of experience in custom development in embedded software environment. We have worked on several projects with microcontrollers from many manufacturers (NXP, SM32, Texas Instruments) with or without real-time operating system (FreeRTOS). On the other hand, we also develop SW for industrial environments under a Linux environment on dedicated equipment for different industrial uses.

Embedded system steps

A meticulous and precise process to guarantee the best quality to our customers.

Embedded System by STT Systems

Step 1: Study of needs

Study of the clients needs and adjust the necessary Embedded Systems modules to meet the clients needs. This step may finish selecting a market available HW platform.

Embedded System by STT Systems

Step 2: Study of the environment

STT studies the capabilities of the HW platform and the customer functional needs to design the solution to be implemented.

Embedded System by STT Systems

Step 3: Implementation of the System

STT implements the SW in the embedded platform following the corresponding methodology for each type of project (MISRA C) to ensure the stability and security of the system. The methodology is critical for 24/7 systems.

Embedded System by STT Systems

Step 4: Installation of the system

After finishing the development and trying it in STT premises, STT installs the system on site and verifies that the system performs as it should.

Embedded systems software case studies

Users who have trusted our Suite Embedded Systems software attest to its usefulness.

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